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A For the past 120 years, motion pictures have been the most popular medium of expression and is now part of our daily lives and culture
a simple video call with your loved ones could be a film in itself.
Through the 29 seconds film festival, let us challenge ourselves to express this form of communication.

Film Festival Title

29SIFF (29 Seconds International Film Festival)

29SFilm (29 Seconds International Film Festival)

25SFilm (25 Seconds International Film Festival)

14SFilm (14 Seconds International Film Festival)

7SFILM (7 Seconds International Film Festival)


Short but long, and long but short. The aim is to create films that people in the world empathize with the impactful videos within 29 Secondss / 25 seconds / 14 seconds / 7 seconds. Furthermore, we present a new video grammar for the smart & digital era and discover new talented people in the film industry.

Weekly / Monthly Film Festival

Another film festival in the 29 Seconds Festival! Monthly Film Festival / Weekly Film Festival
*Monthly / *Weekly Film Festival = Monthly Film Festival / Weekly Film Festival = Monthly Film / Weekly Film

*29 Seconds Monthly Film Festival [ 29's Monthly Film Festival ] / 29 Seconds Weekly Film Festival [ 29's Weekly Film Festival ]
[Explanation] Monthly/weekly event film festivals that unveil special topics originated from public campaigns, local campaigns, sponsored company products or marketing campaigns. With continuous film competition for 365 days a year, another innovative explosion is being introduced in the film system.
It is the innovative trend in the film system, for it is being continuously carried on every day throughout the year.


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Director 29 !
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